As one would expect, getting elected into Federal Parliament is not easy.... especially when you are not affiliated or should l say "GAGGED" by a major political party who will throw many millions of dollars into all sorts of advertising (Propaganda) campaigns in order to get their man or women across the line.
Right now l have a telephone, computer, the internet, social media, family, friends and an ugly bank account.
You can help support my campaign in a number of ways.
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Political Donations - To be honest l do not like the concept as it can lead to suspicion and l have no doubt that there have been cases where donations have brought influence in the past. Having said that, the other candidates and the major parties do accept donations and they use this money to flood the media with all sorts of information. (Some of which is absolute crap or propaganda) In order to compete l do need to do something to get myself and my message out to the people.
I do have a plan...  a really good plan... (well at least l think so)

Mobile: 0400 655 102
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Below are photos which were taken after setting up the free jumping castle at various locations.

Below are some photo's of me and "Mark" a homeless man in Dandenong
Below is a small sample of my partners art/paintings