Please CLICK HERE to download and print my Federal Election Donation PDF

As much as l hate "POLITICAL DONATIONS" I do understand that l must make myself open to receiving donations in order to stand a reasonable chance of being elected. My election opponents will and do use donations in order to fund their campaigns and some are members of large political parties which means they do and will splash a lot of cash in an attempt to influence voters with their promises (Often empty one's)
Donations will assist me in promotional events and materials such as flyers, business cards, community functions and the purchase of an additional jumping castle to lend out FREE to the community.

I am looking to tackle the election campaign in a very different way to most other candidates, rather than just throwing money into advertising that does nothing for the community itself, l am looking to "Do various things with and within the community"

The Free Jumping Castle has been providing me with a great way of meeting and talking to members of the community, and it has also proven to be very well received and appreciated by those who have booked it.
Should you wish to make a donation you may do so by filling out the form below.
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Name: Peter Charleton
BSB: 313140
Account: 12260913
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Please Note: Due to rules governing political donations, some of the details may be disclosed on official websites.