There has been a lot of talk recently surrounding the possibility of a rise in the GST and this rightly worries a lot of average Australian's
A rise in the GST is not necessarily such a bad idea... SO LONG AS OTHER TAXES ARE REFORMED.
I believe that Stamp Duties should be abolished on the first home... Yes it is a State Tax, but any deal that may involve a rise in GST will require the states and territories coming to the table and agreeing to a package. So there is an opportunity for the Federal Government to have a big say in State Taxes, such as Stamp Duties.
The reason l believe Stamp duties should be abolished (Especially for the first home) is because housing affordability is currently a big problem for many Australian's and the stamp duty only adds to the difficulty for Australian families looking to buy a home. (Refer to image below) Furthermore it is widely regarded that stamp duties are inefficient and undesirable (opinion of many economists). The main reason for this is because they are a barrier to the efficient allocation of housing stock.
It is my view that we must have tax reform, but the reform must ensure that the low/middle income earners are not worse off (over all) and the tax reform must take into account the salaries that many at the higher end are earning.
Just look at what the top 10 CEO's earned in the 2013 financial year (Below) 
When you consider we have a sliding scale of taxes which are aimed at increasing the tax rate accordingly to one's level of income. The more you earn the higher the tax rate. The problem with the tax brackets as they currently stand is that the upper bracket is $180,001 "AND ABOVE"
Brian McNamee of CSL Ltd had a "REALISED PAY" of $11 Million, 282 Thousand, 250 Dollars... $11,282.250 This meant that Brian McNamee was over the current top tax bracket by a massive $11,102,249 or a tad more than $11 MILLION DOLLARS.
While l did use Brian McNamee as my example and some may say that l have picked the number 1 earner to highlight... Well l could have used his "STATUTORY PAY" and the figures would have looked even more shameful... Luckily for Brian l did not.
I understand that these people who earn a massive income are most likely paying a massive amount of tax, but even so, my position is that those who are "EARNING OUT OF THIS WORLD INCOMES" should be paying tax at a higher percentage than those on $180,001
We must tax those who can afford it and we must lift the burden from those who can not.
A lower income tax rate for average Australians would mean more money to "SPEND" which means more GST revenue
It is difficult for me to state what my precise position is with regards to "Actual" tax rates or what the various tax brackets should be or what the GST level should be Etc Etc. This is because l am not in a position to know all of the information/data and l would only be guessing if l did quote some proposed numbers (which l do not wish to do)
HOWEVER - If elected l can promise that l will stand up for tax reform that sees the average Australian much better off