Well l am sure most of us are aware that Political parties receive large sums of money by way of "Political Donations".....
Have a look at the file below.... It is a copy of the Liberal Party Donations received for the 2013 Election. The size of the various donations is almost unbelievable and some of the names of donors make for interesting reading.
To think that the "AVERAGE AUSTRALIAN" would not give 5 cents to a political party... Yet some of these big corporations are generous enough to throw many tens of thousands of dollars towards electoral campaigns... Ohh and some donors actually give to multiple parties at the same time.
So why do corporations (and others) choose to give such large amounts of money to various political parties???
I was going to say "In return for political favors"... but that would be wrong... So won't say that, instead let me simply say, these corporations who give huge amounts of money to Political Parties are doing it because they want to see "GOOD GOVERNMENT"... Good for who is the question???