As many of us have seen in recent years, politicians often say one thing before an election, only to do something very different after the election.

We have also seen many reports/stories of politicians abusing the system to their financial advantage.
On the 1st of January 2016 politicians received a 2% pay rise... While at the very same time the federal budget is continually in the red and to add to the hypocrisy the government are talking about taking penalty rates from hospitality workers for Sunday's

I have decided to do something "DIFFERENT" in the hope that it will result in a number of things.
Firstly - I do hope it helps to prove that l do have the right intentions and l am willing to promise (in the form of a stat dec) a number of things that "WOULD" be within my control should l be elected into Federal parliament this year.

Secondly - I hope the general public will help circulate this Stat Dec and most importantly write/email their local Member and potential candidates to ask if "THEY" are willing to commit via way of Stat Dec to any of the items l have listed or potentially anything else that they would be willing to sign off on (Stat Dec) This will enable us to find out which politicians are more concerned with a few extra bucks in their ban accounts verses the possibility of losing a few votes
Thirdly - I hope that this concept will bring about change within Government itself. When government is made to be more accountable we may just start to find politicians acting in a more transparent, honest and honorable manner.... It is a long shot, but we must try something!

To download a PDF copy of my Stat Dec