Like everyone... I do have my Pet Hates. I thought l would share a few of them with you so that you will know of the things that frustrate and annoy me, may also be the same things that frustrate and annoy you. If elected into Federal Parliament l would look at all of these issues along with others that you might inform me about, with the view and intention of bringing these matters to the attention of Parliament and the relevant Ministers on a Federal as well as a State level.
I hate that we must pay $2 to $2.50  to withdraw our money from an ATM machine, just because that machine belongs to a different bank
I hate that we often get charged a "Late Fee" for paying a bill a few days or a few weeks late... If we had the money we would have paid it on time. The "Late Fee" only adds to our financial juggling act.

I hate that we get charged 20 - 30 cents per Kilowatt of electricity.... but when we feed "GREEN" electricity back into the grid, many of us are only getting 4 cents per kilowatt
I hate that when we are talking to the sales staff of various utility companies, they choose confuse you with the "DISCOUNTS" that you might be lucky enough to qualify for... I would prefer flat rates to be quoted and charged!
I hate that Government say they they are trying to assist in the creation of jobs, but often do the exact opposite. Whether it be by exporting jobs overseas themselves (IE Tax Office Staff) or be it through their numerous anti business growth policies.
I hate it that state governments will sell off (Privatise) state owned assets and lose the ability to earn revenue, but then they create a brand new industry to create revenue.... It is called the Speed Camera Industry

I hate that many government departments/agencies are run by overseas corporations
I hate that Meta Data retention laws were sold to the Australian public as being a required tool for countering terrorism... Only to find out organsiations such as the RSPCA and some councils (plus many more) are applying to access this Meta Data
I hate that politicians think they can say one thing before an election and do the exact opposite after the election... For me, the election campaign period is about "Applying/Pitching" for the job... almost a job interview... No one has the right to lie in a job interview and expect to remain in the job
I hate that Government will act as DEBT COLLECTORS for corporations such as City Link / East Link... but if l have an unpaid invoice l have to write it off or pay costs to take the matter further.
I hate learning of the abuse of parliamentarian expenses... There is a new story every few days, it is not on!

I will add more to this in the coming weeks, Please send through your pet hates and l may publish them to this website!