I wish to be a proud advocate for Business
While l would be a strong advocate for the average Australian first and foremost, there are many policy areas in which the people and the business community can benefit without negatively impacting more so on one than the other.
I have a number of policies listed in my "Policy" page which may assist those running a small/medium business, but l understand there are many problems facing businesses which l may not currently be aware of, or may not have a full understanding of.
I encourage business owners, operators, managers and so on to contact me with any suggestions or advice with relation to any issues that you believe needs addressing and/or provide me with any details as to what could be better done in order to help your business to survive, compete and grow.

Some things l believe need addressing,

  1. Cost Of Insurance
  2. Cost Of Commercial Property Rental/Leases
  3. Cost/Time Lost With Compliance Issues
  4. Cost of Electricity
  5. Cost & Fluctuation Of Fuel Prices
  6. Cost & Negative Impact of Payroll Tax
  7. Cheap Overseas Imports
  8. Big Business Squeezing Smaller Business
  9. Over Regulation/Red Tape
  10. Of Course There is Much More!