(Please read on for how it came about and how to book)
While l know l do have the best of intentions at heart and l wish to help improve the living standards of all Australian's who battle/struggle through life. The hardest part is "PROVING Yourself" to the people. As a "Want to be Parliamentarian" I needed to find a way of meeting more people within the community and also find a way of of "Earning The Trust & Respect" of these very same people.
Politicians of recent times have done a great job of turning people off politics, they have also caused many people to distrust and not respect those in or wishing to get into politics. It is fair to say l have my work cut out and will be facing an uphill battle to be any chance of winning my seat.
While most of my family and friends know that l have the greatest of intentions and they also know l would give the shirt off my back to someone in need. The problem is, the bulk of the community do not know this. While thinking of ways to prove myself among my community, it suddenly dawned on me. We have a commercial quality jumping castle which sits idle in the shed for 362 or 363 days of each year... Why not offer to "Lend It Out" to people free of charge?
Hence in late January 2016 l posted to a couple of local groups on facebook about my offer to lend the jumping castle free of charge. The first booking was a couple days later for a family in Seville, I delivered, help set up the castle and then returned several hours later to collect and bring it all back home. The following weekend saw me take the jumping castle to a family in Coldstream on the Friday, then to a Cheer dancing event in Ferntee Gully on the Saturday and on the Sunday (7th of Feb) we took the jumping castle to a family in Ringwood East.

I have also just taken the Jumping Castle to the Wandin Footy Club for what was their "Junior Kids Registration Day" We had a lot of kids jumping, bouncing and generally just having fun. This was held on the Sunday 14th of February at the footy club in Glegg Road Wandin.

I am very pleased to say that l have in excess of 40 x bookings for various upcoming dates. l shall be continually advertising this offer with the view of delivering and setting up the Jumping Castle each and every weekend to people, families, groups within the local area absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

The local area is generally within the Yarra Ranges Shire, but l have and will continue to go beyond this area to provide this opportunity to as many people as possible.
If you would like to book to borrow our FREE Jumping Castle please contact me to discuss dates. If possible l would prefer to be contacted via facebook or by email, but you can also call/text me if that suits you better. Anyone who uses Facebook is invited and encouraged to send through a "Friend Requests" as l will gladly accept all genuine requests and it shall enable us to keep in contact for this and any other ideas or offers that l might come up with.

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Phone/Text: 0477 419 270
If there are any businesses out there who might like to assist with this FREE jumping castle offer in return for some good karma, recognition and promotion please do contact me as l would like to be able to obtain a new trailer, another jumping castle or two and a few spare blowers which would greatly assist in ensuring this offer continues and potentially grows even bigger.
Below are just photo's of the Jumping castle after it was set up at the 5 x locations mentioned earlier in this web-page (my way of proving this is genuine, real and happening) Cheers!
Below is a photo of my setup...Yep l am just a battler myself, but doing the best l can with the limited resources available to me... I can only dream (at this stage) of the things l could do if l was to become elected to Federal Parliament.