My name is Peter Charleton, I will be running for the seat of "Casey" in The House Of Representative. Casey is currently held by the Liberal Member, Tony Smith (Who is also the speaker of the house) So it will not be an easy task, but l don't mind a challenge!
I was born in Victoria April 1974. I am in a de facto relationship with my partner (Eva) and we have two children. The eldest being my 10 year old step daughter and the youngest is my 5 year old daughter. We live in Dixons Creek which is in the Yarra Ranges Shire, Victoria. (l live in the electorate of Casey)
It is fair to say that we are a fairly typical family, we have our ups and our downs, our good days and our bad days, we have times where bills need to be put back a week or two... even three and we have times when we can pay the bills on time. When we do the grocery shopping we prefer to buy healthy foods, but often we find our trolley is loaded with processed products because, let be honest "Sometimes that is all one can afford"
The paragraphs above is my testament to being able to say: I understand how "Real People" live, l know of the difficulties and the frustrations we face each and every day. I understand what is important to the average Australian and l believe l have a few ideas and potential solutions.
Standing as a candidate for the upcoming election has been something that l have been considering for quite some time now. It is a decision that required a great deal of thought. My family is something that needed to be thoroughly considered. Being a member of federal parliament would mean time away from home, family and friends. On the flip side, if l am lucky enough to become elected, l would use my position and my voice to help create a better, fairer and happier Australia with more opportunities for the average Australian, which would be a wonderful, positive thing for my family as well as yours.
There is one other factor that did weigh heavily on my mind when considering whether to stand for election. l was young once (Like everyone) but unfortunately l did not always make the best decisions. There was a period in my life where things were extremely difficult and l did not have the life experience to handle my situation in the most appropriate ways... among several other minor criminal offenses l have been convicted of "Obtain Property By Deception" and i did serve a term of 4 months in prison... While I still think the magistrate was too harsh, it is all history now and l want to put all of that behind me.

l wanted to disclose (the above) so that no one can accuse me of miss-leading them, nor can anyone accuse me of running a dishonest campaign. So far as having a criminal record and being in politics is concerned, can l simply say "My days of shame and embarrassment are over" Unlike some politicians who have been elected and abused their positions and/or committed crimes whilst "Being" a member of parliament... I at least got my mistakes out of the way while l was young and well before considering politics.
l have not always been an "Angel" But rather than looking at that as being a negative thing, I would hope that my fellow Australian can see past all of that and take some comfort from my belief that l did learn a great deal from that experience with police, courts and prison. l believe this experience gives me a broader understanding as to the pressures, difficulties and problems of life and how many people will and do make mistakes and/or irrational decisions when life seems all too hard.
Should l be elected i shall not change all that much, I am not trying to get into politics for the money (Although the money is extremely good) The honest truth of the matter is that at the age of 41 and being a smoker and a few kilo's over weight l know that l will not be here forever. It would be far more comforting to know that one's children and grandchildren are living in a country which cares and looks after it's own... Recent governments have me thinking that they might need a bit of reminding. I hope to be elected into Canberra at some stage this year, where l will shake a few cages and do what l can to get the buggers focused on the important things.
Thank you for reading!
P.S. If l am elected l will drive myself to and from Canberra.... saving tax payer money by not needing chauffeurs, but also enabling me to enjoy the drive and make a few stops along the way to meet, chat and listen to many more Real Australian's
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