My name is Peter Charleton, from Dixons Creek Victoria and l intend to stand for election in the seat of Casey
Like many Australians l have become frustrated and quite angered with past and present Governments.
It seems to me that our recent governments have put the interest of others ahead of the interest of our own. Looking good on the international stage is more important to our current politicians than it is to be respected in Australia by Australian's. There are many examples of hypocrisy and double standards within Government, whether it be the fact that politicians received a pay rise of 2% on 1st January 2016 while at the same time talking about cutting penalty rates to hospitality workers or be it our drought stricken farmers who are experiencing the worst moments of their lives (some are resorting to suicide) only being offered "Token" support from Government, yet the very same Government are flying in and resettling 12,000 Syrian refugees to a much better life.
Global Giants are trading within the Australian economy and are some how able to pay ZERO tax on the income they receive.
We have budget deficits year in year out and the only solution the current government can come up with are CUTS which affect the most vulnerable within our society. Money may not buy happiness... But "LACK OF MONEY" can cause stress, arguments, problems and sufferance.
We have Australian's living on the streets, we have pensioners living below the poverty line, relationship breakdowns are the norm, we have a climbing number of people suffering from depression, obesity is growing, suicides are too high, drugs and crime on the rise, drought stricken farmers being forced off their land and all of these issues could be greatly improved for the better if we could find ourselves a government who truly cared about the average man and woman and acted in the best interests of our great country and our amazing people.

It seems the Government no longer cares what the Australian people want, need or say. Instead the government is more intent on looking after their mates, selling us out and looking good among their friends and political peers.
It is time for Australians to use the NEXT FEDERAL ELECTION to start putting things back in order. We need a government who will represent Australians first and foremost. We need a government who is willing to make decisions that are in the best interest of our country and our people, irrespective of international opinion. Among many other things, it is time to put a stop to foreign investors buying up anything and everything that is good about our country. Quite simply, it is time for Government to PUT AUSTRALIAN'S FIRST

It is time for Australians to elect a government and/or individuals who will stand up for the Australian people, Australian Traditions, Australian Heritage, Australian Customs and more generally speaking THE AUSTRALIAN WAY OF LIFE.
It is time for Australian's to vote for the best Candidate in each electorate.

Why would you vote for a member of the LNP or Labor Party? Many of them do not represent their electorates... they are mere "PUPPETS" who are making up the numbers and will vote according to the party line... In other words, a vote for an LNP or Labor back bencher is a vote for an individual who shall be Gagged by his/her superiors.

It is time to send a clear message to the Labor and the Liberal National Parties that we will no longer vote for politicians/political parties who betray the trust invested in them by the Australian people. When the major parties learn this lesson they just might start to fix a few things and govern accordingly.
I have detailed my position on a number of topics and these can be found on my Policy Ideas Page but in short, l stand with the greatest of intentions to represent the Australian people in a Strong, Loud and Proud fashion. I believe that l have a tremendous amount of knowledge as to how the average Australian is living and doing... BECAUSE I AM ONE...
I don't know about you... But when it comes to this current government I've had a gut-full.

Please browse this website to learn more about me and what l will stand for should l be privileged to be elected to Federal Parliament. 
Be sure to contact me if you have any questions and/or suggestions.