Like everyone, l have my problems... But it get's draining after a while

Much of the past 2 years l have been consumed by COURT CASES, LEGAL MATTERS & DISPUTES.
Some matters relate to what l regard as a ROGUE SOLICITOR who is (in my opinion) CROOKED!

I didn't want to get into strife for using any of this Lawyer's photo's from the GE LAW SERVICES website, so instead l found a cartoon which, I say, bears some resemblance. Her name is Pippa Sampson, Director of GE Law Services in Glen Waverley Vic.

I will be posting some stories to this webpage over the coming weeks and months, so that people can get an idea as to why l FEEL COMPELLED to see this through to the very end, where she will (hopefully) lose her licence to practice, among a few other consequential things that ought to then follow.

I have a two lawsuits against her myself, l am also an interested observer in another matter where her conduct is disgusting.

I can't go into too much detail of my own matters at this stage, but please feel free to do your own googling on Pippa Rosalind Sampson, or simply check out the following stories,

For those who might like to assist

BANK GROUP: Bendigo Bank

ACCOUNT NAME: Peter Charleton

BSB: 633 000

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 186 483 806


PayID: 0488 728 175